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Dr. Lal

Bhargava Phytolab Angel Gloss


Berberis aquifolium Q, Hydrastis canadensis Q, Ledum palustre Q,


It is a light moisturizing cream specially formulated to:

1. Relieve acne, scars, pigmentation, carbuncles, flat warts, sun damage & various other skin diseases of various etiologies.

2. Exfoliate, nourish and revive all skin types: normal, dry or oily skin.

3. timulate new cells to the surface by encouraging dry, lifeless old cells to fall away.

4. Restore a healthy looking and translucent, smooth skin.

5. Maintain the pH of skin.

6. Regulate secretion of sweat or oily glands.

7. Promote clear, fresh & radiant complexion.