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SBL Stodal 180ML


The study was conducted on 100 patients which proved Stodal Syrup to be highly effective in controlling all types of cough with in seven days time i.e. gives relief in :

Sore throat by 2nd day.

Provides 100% relief in dry cough & there is change of colour of Phelgm from greenish to white by 3rd day.

Completely relieves sneezing with nasal discharge by 5th day.

Provides 100% relief from wheezes associated with cough by 6th day.

Provides 77% relief from productive cough by 7th day.


No known contraindications.


Adults : One tablespoonful 3-5 times a day.

Children : One teaspoonful 3-5 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.