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HSL HC-11 Senega Complex

Indication of Haslab HC 11 (Senega Complex)

  • Difficult in breathing, Inspiration difficulty
  • Short and oppressed breathing with a feeling of pain behind the sternum.

Directions of use of Haslab HC 11 (Senega Complex)

Adult: 2 tablets

Children 1 tablet 3 to 4 times daily


The action of Ingredients used in Haslab HC 11 (Senega Complex)

Arsenic Alb 6x: Air passages constricted. suffocative cough which is aggravated more at night, scanty expectoration with wheezing and cough dry. Burning Heat all over the body.

Senega 3x: Burning and rawness in throat, Difficult raising of tough, profuse mucus, in the aged. Rattling in chest 

Kali Mur 3x: Mucus white and hard to cough up. Loud, noisy stomach cough. Expectoration thick and white. Rattling sounds of air passing through thick mucus.  

Terms and Conditions

Homoeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.