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HSL Atul Vital Tonic


Two tablespoons twice daily before meals or as directed by the physician. 


Haslab Atul Vital Tonic

Indications of Atul Vital Tonic

  • Anaemia, Progressive Emaciation and weakness
  • Deficient Secretion or Suppression of Milk in Nursing Women
  • Lack of Vital Heat in young and old persons

Composition of Haslab Atul Vital Tonic

Alfalfa 1x 

Avena Sativa 1x

Cinchona Officinalis 1x 

Withania Somnifera 1x

Hydrastis Can 1x

Berberis Vul 1x

Chelidonium Majus 1x

Carduus-Marinus 1x

Crataegus Oxy 1x

Ferrum Phos 2x

Kali Phos 2x

Natrum Mur 2x 

In non-sugar syrup base. 

The direction of Haslab Atul Vital Tonic

Can be safely used by diabetic patients as it is in a non-sugar syrup base.