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Adelmar Germany

Adel 85- Germany (Neu-Regen Tonic) (250ml)



Adel 85 NEU-regen Tonic is indicated for overcoming mental, physcial and emotional exhaustion by restoring proper orgna functioning. Anxiety, weak memory and lack of brain function is alsotreated



The common possible causes ofchronic fatigue syndrome symptoms include inappropriate quality sleep, fatigue and excessive stress. Exhaustion basically affects ability of a person to perform any physical or mental tasks. It also creates a negative impact on a person's health. Exhaustion can be divided into physical, mental and emotional category. Physical  exhaustion can make simple activities difficult to perform. Causes of physical exhaustion are intake of stimulant drugs, lack of sleep etc. Mental exhaustion impairs the ability of a person in performing the mental tasks. Causes of mental exhaustion are relationship problems, tedious mental tasks, boredom, stressful working etc. Signs of the emotional exhaustion are inattentiveness, physical fatigue, lack of motivation, low tolerance etc. Symptoms of mental exhaustion can be anger, stomach pain, chest pain etc. Symptoms of physical exhaustion can be fever, chest pain, stomach pain, insomnia ( inability to sleep) etc



NEU-regen Tonic to treat chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms is a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs like Argentum nitricum, cinchona pubescens etc., selected for their ability to address the emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. This tonic helps to restore the proper function of organs and balance performance of body by gentle regulation. It also helps to reduce anxiety and treat the lacking of brain function and weak memory.


How the ingredients in NEU-regen Tonic work

The key properties of  NEU-regen Tonic to treat chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are derived from the following ingredients in treatment

Argentum nitricum - treats the physiological conditions that include the failure fear, mental exhaustion, forgetfulness and headaches that are caused by mental stress. It possess the properties of anti-catarrh and antitoxic. It also helps in treating the symptoms of upper stomach.

Cinchona pubescens - it addresses the general weakness, nervous conditions and infectious illness. It also treats the liver, gall, pancreas and stomach. It helps to regulate appetite and gas accumulation in body.

Conium maculatum - it stimulates the regulations that enables body to address the depression, fear, memory loss, dislike to work and different forms of sleeplessness.

Delphinium staphysargia - treats the chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms like nervous hyperstimulation accompanied by irritability, sexual dysfunction, fits of anger and concentration inability.

Piper methysticum - it helps to lighten up mood swings of a person. It brings calmness and acts as tranquilliser  (medicinal drug taken to reduce tension or anxiety).

Stychnos nux vomica - it treats physiological conditions that are related to problems of abdomen, smoking etc.

Avena sativa - treats disrupted sleep and appetite caused by stress, worry, exhaustion and restlessness.

Panax ginseng - treats symptoms of the general exhaustion of nervous system combined with the physical exhaustion. It produces pleasant balancing effect.