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Adelmar Germany

Adel 6 - Germany - 20ml



Adel 6 Apo-STRUM Drops are indicated for hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, enlarged and dysfunctional thyroid gland



Symptoms of thyroid problem can manifest in two forms -  hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism

  • hyperthyroidism symptoms include nervousness, weakness of muscles, sleep disturbances, weight loss, eye problems, infrequent menstrual periods etc
  • hypothyroidism symptoms include weight gain, fatigue, enlargement of thyroid gland, frequent menstrual periods, forgetfulness etc.

Thyroid gland in the body influences all the metabolic processes and growth of the body. The two basic problems associated with thyroid glands are the overactive thyroid i.e. hyperthyroidism and the underactive thyroid i.e. hypothyroidism. In hyperthyroidism a person feels anxious or nervous and suffers from unexpected weight loss where as in hypothyroidism a person may feel tired and depressed and might put on weight, dry hair and skin



Apo-STRUM drops are recommended by homeopaths to treat symptoms of thyroid problem contain a  proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs like calcium fluoratum, conium, hedera helix etc selected for their ability to address hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, dysfunctional and enlarged thyroid gland. It is indicated for the treatment of dysfunctional thyroid that includes enlargement or hardening of thyroid gland. It also treats abnormal heart rate (tachycardia), toxic benign tumour (adenoma), hyperthyroidism and disorder of cardiac conductivity.


How the ingredients in  apo-STRUM Drops work

The key properties in apo-STRUM Drops are derived from the following ingredients to treat the symptoms of thyroid problem    

Calcium fluoratum - it reduces the pressure and tightness in thyroid gland that is felt due to thyroid dysfunction. It boosts the general levels of energy and abilities of performance. It also improves and strengthens the tone of connective tissues by stimulating the inactive (sluggish) lymphatic functions.

Conium - it combats thickening and hardening of thyroid galnds. It obstructs the increased size of goiter. It addresses the weakness of nerves, emotional or depressed mood etc.

Hedera helix - it provides body with the vegetable iodine. It also  enables creation of the two main thyroid hormones. It supports the intestinal metabolism. It regulates the heart function which are damaged by toxic thyroid conditions.

Spartium scoparius - it treats the symptoms of thyroid problem such as cardiac disorders that are usually accompanied by thyroid dysfunction. It treats abnormal heartbeat  (extra systole), tachycardia and feeling of shortness and tightness of breath while doing physical activity

Magnesium carbonicum - it activates enzymes and immune system functioning. It supports the cardiac activities. It also acts as catalyst in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It helps to reduce the psychic  restlessness, infections and pains in parts of body.

Crataegus - it addresses circulatory and heart problems that usually accompany the dysfunction of thyroid gland. The mentioned conditions includes the insufficiency of coronary, cerebral vessel and high blood pressure. It also treats the muscle damage of the heart

Galium aparine - it treats the glandular swelling, toxic growth including the cancerous tumors. It promotes excretion process via kidney. It also stimulates the liver function. It also indicated for cleaning of the blood of the exogenix and endogenic toxins.