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Adelmar Germany

Adel 36 - Germany - 20ml




Adel 36 Pollon drops are indicated for sexual dysfunction in men and women, premature old age in young persons, failing erection when attempting coition, feeble erection,premature emissions, emissions at night, emissions without erection and consequences of self abuse



There are many forms of  sexual dysfunction in men and women namely lack of interest in sex or erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse, difficulty experiencing Orgasm, general weakness etc.  Harmone level disturbances, medical conditions and  treatment, age factors contribute to sexual dysfunction in men and women and is a worldwide phenomenon.

sexual dysfunction in men is  caused by low libido or low sex desire caused by stress, depression, physical illness and low testosterone levels.  While factors such as high blood pressure or diabetes usually lead to erectile dysfunction in men.  Premature ejaculation i.e, expelling semen too early during intercourse  occurs due to factors such as anxiety, strict religious beliefs or sexual trauma.

Sexual dysfunction in women is  caused by Vaginal dryness that occurs due to menopausal changes or sometimes due to breastfeeding or mental stress.  They experience low libido due to diminished estrogen levels in their bodies. Some find it difficult to achieve orgasm and therefore refuse sexual activity. This may be the due to antidepressant medications or pain during sex.



Homeopathic Adel 36 Pollon drops is specificall indicated for sexual dysfunction in men and women. Pollon drops are a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs like acidum phosphoricum, caladium segiunum etc., selected for their ability to address the prematurity of old age in the young people, failing erection during sexual intercourse (coition), lacking physical strength (feeble) erection, emission in the night, premature emissions, uncontrolled emissions while urinating or during stools, emission without erection, self abuse consequences (masturbate). The drops help to counteract all the effects caused due to the sexual aberrations (characteristic that deviates from the normal type).


How the ingredients in Adel 36 Pollon drops work

The key properties in Pollon drops are derived from the following ingredients in treatment of

Acidum phosphoricum - treats the nervous weakness caused due to long sexual aberrations. It acts as chief medication for  involuntary discharge of semen, without orgasm (spermatorrhoea) and sexual neurasthenia (medical condition characterized by fatigue, headache, and irritability, associated chiefly with emotional disturbance). It also works on heart nervousness.

Caladium segiunum - treats sexual dysfunction in men and women  like failing to get erection or to reach orgasm (potency) by addressing sexual overexcitability.

Conium maculatum - it reduces the emissions at night and the conditions that lead to premature ejaculation are controlled. These conditions are caused due to nervous exhaustion.

Nuphar lutea - it helps the smooth muscles of blood vessels to supply more blood to sexual organ and eliminates disparity between sexual desire and the corresponding erection.

Piper methysticum - it treats the psychic situation that results in bad mood, physical weakness and all irritations from sexual sphere are removed.

Staphysargria - it breaks the vicious circle caused by the constant dwelling of the sexual thoughts along with masturbation and spermatorrhoea that induces confusion of the mind and mood which compels individual to indulge in the self-abuse.

Pausinystalia - it treats sexual dysfunction in men and women  by giving stimulating sexual desire (aphrodisiac) effect to sexual organs. It stimulates circulation of blood in the area between the abdomen and the upper thigh on either side of the body (groin) and reduces blood pressure. It also helps to increase the sexual desire (libido).