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Adelmar Germany

Adel 23 - Germany - 20ml



Adel 23 Ricura drops are indicated for acute virus cold, acute or chronic catarrh, paranasal inflammation and defective sense of smell



You could be having sinusitis if you are having pain in the sinuses accompanied by signs of sinus infection such as nasal stuffiness, nasal discharge that may be cloudy and discolored, facial pain (sinus headache), sore throat/congestion. In acute cases there may be facial swelling as well. Sinusitis is triggered by cold and any factor that leads to inflammation of the mucous membrane. It follows a viral infection in the upper respiratory tract and unlike cold it is caused by bacterial infections. Allergy causing substances (allergens) or pollutants can lead to frequent or long term signs of sinus infection. Other causes are Nasal polyps, facial trauma, deviated nasal septum etc



Ricura drops is popular are a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs like capsicum annum, cinnabaris, achinacea ang etc., indicated for their ability to address signs of sinus infection like inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose (rhinitis), chronic and acute inflammation of a nasal sinus (sinusitis) and paranasal sinuses.

It stimulates immune system and works as disinfectant. It helps to activate mucous membrane to help excretion of toxins and aids to prevent the spreading of nasal infection to other regions of head.


How the ingredients in ricura drops work

Ricura drops is popular for treating signs of sinus infection as it has a unique blend of homeopathic remedies for treating broad spectrum of associated symptoms

Capsicum annuum - treats general exhaustion, infection of breathing air passages, systemic inhalation of airborne toxins, bladder infection, rhinitis and sinusitis.

Cinnabaris - treats inflammation of paranasal sinuses that can be acute or sub acute, chronic sinusitis and rhinitis. It helps to stimulate mucous membrane of paranasal sinuses to regulate the body correctly. It eliminates infection and supports proper excretion.

Echinacea ang - treats viral, bacterial, paranasal infections. It stimulates systemic immune response of the body.

Kreosotum - it eliminates severe inflammation that cause irritation in nasal tissues by affecting the mucous membranes. It acts as disinfectant to treat wounds.

Luffa operculata - it stimulates mucous membranes of throat, paranasal cavities and nose.

Plantago major - it acts as natural antibiotic and helps to protect ear canal from spreading infection.

Sanicula europaea - treats signs of sinus infection and paranasal cavity infections. It also treats cancerous processes, tumors and wounds.

Thuja occid - treats chronic and acute infections in the paranasal cavity along with headaches, sinus pressure and infections of mucous membranes producing pus. It also helps to correct the lost sense of smell.