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Adelmar Pekana Alfalfa Tonic - 100ml


INDICATIONS of  Adel Pekana Alfalfa Tonic 

Alfalfa tonic is homoeopathic composition, which helps rapid development in growing children, faster recovery after illness, sharper memory, increase energy and turns away states of bad nourishment in consequence of having loss of appetite, weak digestion, nervous debility, sleeplessness and loss of weight.

INGREDIENTS of  Adel Pekana Alfalfa Tonic 

Acidum phosphoricum 2X, Alfalfa Ø, Avena sativa Ø, Calcium phosphoricum 6X, China Ø, Cinnamomum Ø, Ginseng Ø, Hydrastis can Ø, Magnesium phosphoricum 6X, Nux vomica 3X.

Acidum phosphoricumregulates all kinds of exhaustions after being over-strained. It balanced activities of the digestive organs. It is considered to be the chief remedy in spermatorrhoea and sexual neurasthenia.

Alfalfais well known as a tonic. It regulates loss of appetite and a weak digestion together with nervous irritation. It acts on intestinal mucosa as a laxative and on the epithelia of the kidneys as a diuretic. It improves mental and physical vigour with gain in weight.

Avena sativaworks against uneasiness caused by disappointments met in day to day's life. It proves leading minerals and vitamins including pro-vitamin A and E. it is very useful remedy in nervous exhaustion, general debility, nervous palpitation of heart, insomnia and inability to mind upon fixed any one subject. It is especially useful in troubles developed as a result of excessive sexual activities.

Calcium phosphoricumhelps against the disturbances of growth promotion and swelling lymphatic nodes. It is useful in anaemia after acute diseases and chronic wasting illnesses as also in bone diseases.

Chinais the remedy for unusal weakness as a result of acute or chronic illness, loss of blood and lying in the childbed. It is a well tested homoeopathic ingredient. It is helpful in dyspepsia, acid, heartburn even after milk and no relief from belching gas. It improves digestion.

Cinnamonumacts against common weakness, nausea and bleedings in a special manner. Ginsengis an old plant, roborating body and soul and successfully regulates the sexual function. Hydrastis canis a specific plant, acting against mucous membrances of the organs and all

catarrhal problems. It also helps muscular weakness, poor digestion and obstinate constipation.

Magnesium phosphoricumis specially used for spastic and neuralgic pains in all parts of the body. It is very useful for tired, languid and exhausted persons. It also removes general muscular weakness.

Nux vomicacalms incessant floods of stimuli, spastic situations and irritations, irritations of all kinds including irritations of the mind, and overstressed nervous situations. It is highly beneficial in digestive disturbances portal congestion and hypochondriac states depending theteon.

So the ingredients are pre-eminently the remedies for many of the conditions incident to modern life.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE (Unless otherwise prescribed)

Adults one full tablespoon, children one full teaspoon twice daily.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.