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Buy JVS Gripe Water homeopathic medicine Online india



1-2 Spoon

Age Group:

3-12 Months, Newly Bornper day

Categories: JVS Pharma , Personal Care


An effective & Palatable remedy for stomach disorders of New-bom and Children for convulsions, Griping pain, acidity, Flatulency, teething distress and Diarrhoea etc.


Each 5 ml contains:

Avena Sativa HP! 1X 0.01m1,

Alfalfa HP! lx 0.01m1,

Cinnamonum HP! 1X 0.01m1,

Zingiber Officinalis HP! 1X 0.01m1,

Carica Papaya HP! IX 0.01m1,

Pimpinella Anisum ENC lx 0.01m1,

Mentha Piperita FIN 1X 0.001ml.,

Calcarea Carbonica HP! 3X 80mg,

Natrum Carbonicum HP! 3 X 80 mg,

Glucose 90mg,

 Alcohol less then 1% v/v.

Excipients q.s.,


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Volume 110ml
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