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El Proplanslim Fit

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Dr Lal's Proplanslim Fit
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  • Whey protein: Consuming whey before exercise supports fat burning and may help those who exercise to gain or maintain lean body mass. 
  • To keep you slowly energized throughout the day. 
  • Flax seed powder: source of healthy fats that will work with the protein to keep you fuller for longer. 
  • Flax seed also regulates blood sugar levels and keeps your body in a state to lose fat. 

Why whey protein?

Whey protein is an ideal supplement for most fitness programs because it contains the highest concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) of any single protein source. BCAAs are essential amino acids in muscle protein, and help reduce the amount of muscle protein breakdown during exercise. Use whey protein to supercharge your workouts and lead you to a leaner, stronger, healthier body! 

Why Flax Seed?

In general, along with being an extremely healthy part of a daily diet, flaxseed swells when combined with liquid in the stomach to give you that “full” or “satisfied” feeling that will not only require you to eat less, but will carry you through until your next meal. 

Flaxseed contains alpha linolenic acid, a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid that increases feelings of satiety and thus helps to reduce hunger and food intake. This healthy fat also helps to reduce inflammation and the "bad" LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, thus protecting against heart disease. 

Composition and Ingredients Usage:


Vitamin A

An essential nutrient in bone formation and vision, vitamin A is important for proper growth and development of our bodies to occur. It directly aids in growth by improving cell division and differentiation of many different types of cells. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a vital role in the growth of our bones and teeth. To make use of the phosphorus and calcium in our foods, our bodies must first have vitamin D. Without it, any ingested calcium will simply go to waste and will not be used by the body. Without calcium, our bones will not only experience reduced growth but will start to deteriorate to make up for the lack of calcium in the body. B complex Vitamins: B-vitamins are water soluble and are essential to all carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. They also work with some fat-soluble vitamins in DNA and RNA synthesis and immune system maintenance. They dissolve easily in water and are not stored in your body. Because your body excretes excess B-vitamins in urine, you must replenish them daily to prevent deficiencies. These vitamins include thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, biotin and B6. 

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is another water-soluble vitamin that you can find in most fruits and vegetables. They act as antioxidants and provide structure for collagens, which are fibrous proteins that make up your connective tissues. A lack of vitamin C causes scurvy, a disease where there is a breakdown of your connective tissues, causing poor healing, reopening of old wounds, weakened blood vessels, bleeding gums, and aching muscles and joints. 

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E exists in various foods and supplements. Stored in the liver, its main role in our bodies is to promote healing. The formation of red blood cells, DNA and RNA rely on the presence of vitamin E in the body. Deficiency in vitamin E has been observed in premature babies of low birth weight, says the Office of Dietary Supplements. 



Iron is a trace mineral that is a component of heme, an iron-carrying molecule within your red blood cells. Heme is component of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to all cells in your body. It is recommended that female endurance athlete consume more iron than men because of the loss of blood during menstruation. 


Zinc plays important roles in cellular growth and division, development of reproductive systems and sexual maturity, nerve function, and maintaining a strong immune system. Magnesium and Calcium: Magnesium and calcium are minerals that have very specific duties within the body. However, they also have several shared responsibilities. Both minerals work together to regulate contracting and relaxing of the muscles and cell membrane maintenance. Together, these minerals also regulate the contraction and relaxation of capillaries. Lastly, both calcium and magnesium are needed to build strong bones and teeth. 


Lysine also known as L-lysine or D-lysine is an essential amino acid necessary for tissue growth and repair and for producing enzymes and hormones. Your body requires essential amino acids for proper health but cannot produce them on its own. For this reason, it is obtained through supplementation. 

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