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Drox 11 Fluron Drops

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Categories: HSL , Drops , Health Condition , Fever

Contains: Aconitum Nap 3x, Eupat Perf 3x, Gelsemium 3x, Camphor 6x, Achyranthes Aspera 3x.

Drox-11 Fluron Drops for Flu,Catarrhal Fever is a specific disease wise drops from Hanemann scientific laboratory (India). This genuine, original and pure homeopathic medicine


Drox 11 Fluron Drops by Haslab is indicated for Influenza and catarrhal fevers, prostration (physical weakness), dull-headaches, body and muscle aches, dry and burning skin. Additional symptoms include upper respiratory tract catarrh, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose and pharynx (rhinopharyngitis), acute feverish inflammations of the fibrous tissues and tissues lining internal cavities of the body (serous membranes).

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