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SSL Biotech Pentajon Fresh Steam Power Powder


INDICATION : All the joints in human body have an greasy fluid called synovial fluid present between the joints. Synovial fluid starts drying up & the reasons can be fracture, injury-sprain and old age because of which joints start deteriorating with obstructions in joints with pain and because of which problems like arthritis, sciatica, spondylitis can occur. The medication to this is Pentajon Fresh Steam Powder which help to regenerate the Synovial fluid and also helps people who frequently get sick or people with chronic illness. It also helps healthy people by keeping them disease free and is surprising beneficial. 

DOSAGE: Mix 5 to 8 gm powder in 600ml of hot water. Apply this steam of hot water on the area of pain for 20-30 minutes & drink 100 ml of hot water powder solution of hot water and Pentajon Fresh Steam Power Powder should be used. Diabetic patient are advised not to mis honey in solution. Same procedure has to be done twice a day (morning & evening) Regularly.