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Bioforce Blooume 40 (Go Balm)

Blooume 40 Go-Go Balm is indicated for relief in headaches with colds, flu, soreness, sciatica or nerve pain, arthritic and rheumatic joint pains and swelling.


Pain Reliever in Headaches with cold, flu rheumatic pains like Backaches, Sprains, Tenderness & Injuries to Muscle, Sciatica or nerve pain.


  • Arnica Q: Acts as a muscular tonic.
  • Calendula Q: Used in cases of cold with the greenish discharge with tearing headaches.
  • Camphora Q: Used in the first stage of cold with chillness and sneezing.
  • Gaultheria Q: Used in cases of neuralgic pain in head and face, sciatica pain & rheumatic pain with inflammation.
  • Menthe Pip Q: Used for headaches with a sore throat and dry cough.
  • Natrum Salicylicum 1x: Used to reduce the after-effects of an influenza-like dull headache.
  • Rhus Tox Q: Useful for rheumatic pain In joints.