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Buy Bakson's Biochemic Combination Tablets #16 -25GM homeopathic medicine Online india

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Nervous exhaustion

A nervous breakdown means the point of exhaustion reached after a prolonged period of anxiety (perhaps related to relationship, financial, health,or work worries; often a combination).

The overwhelming anxiety, depression and stress leads to a sense of overwhelm helplessness and utter exhaustion; feelings of not being able to deal with life or even get out of bed.

Other symptoms of a nervous breakdown include, loss of interest in sex, food, work and life generally. Feelings of guilt. Feeling that even the smallest task is way too exhausting or difficult, feelings of loneliness and desperation.

Indications : For fatigue, Depression, irritability, sleeplessness.

Dosage :

Adults: 4 tablets, four times a day or at three hours intervals.

Children : Half the adult dose.

Or as prescribed by the physician.

Presentation : 25 gms (250 tabs) & 450 gms (4500 tabs).

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