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Astha-Win Tablets (Breathe Easy)-25gm

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    Astha-Win Tablets
    (Breathe Easy) 
    1) Best therapy for asthma & related symptoms.
    2) Relieves Bronchitis , Dyspnoea, Congestion in chest, Wheezing.
    3) Promotes the expulsion of sputum from bronchial tree & clears the airways.
    COMPOSITION: Blatta orien 2x, justicia ad 1x, lpecacuanha 3x, Grindelia rob 1x, Mag phos 2x, Senega off 1x
    DOSAGE: Adults: 2 tablets 3 to 4 times a day.
    Children:Half of the adult’s dose or as directed by the physician . 
    Contraindiction: Nil

PRESENTATION: 25gm, 100gm, 450gm.

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