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Adzag Forte drops - 2x30ml

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(For physical development )
• Homoeopathy recognizes the relation of growth with Calcium & Phosphorous, role of Silicea with assimilation, Calcarea Carbonica with memory & Submaxillary Glands.
• ADZAG FORTE is an especially formulated, safe homeopathic medicine to bring better physical development.

COMPOSITION: COMP. A: Manganum Aceticum 3CH, Calcarea Phos. 3CH, Calcarea Flourica 3CH, Purified water q.s.
COMP. B: Calcarea Carbonica 3CH, Silicea 3CH, Purified water q.s.
DOSAGE: Mix the contents in the bigger empty bottle provided. Shake & then use 20 drops twice daily diluted with one tablespoon (approx.15 ml) of water.The dose should be reduced as the symptoms improve. In case of acute or serious illness, if improvement does not take place, please consult your physician.

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